Virtek technologies services can transform your employee and customer experiences while you build a more productive organization with Cisco Collaboration solutions. Collaboration has become the catalyst for both transformation and innovation. To enable effective collaboration, enterprises must provide tools that allow employees to work together, in real-time, from anywhere around the world. Putting connected digital technology in place enables patterns of organic collaboration. When the right people work together without boundaries, amazing things can happen. Virtek technologies can help simplify collaboration solution for customers.

Build Collaboration Solution Architecture 

Virtek technologies Collaboration Plan Design and Deployment Service will help to successfully strategize the design of high-performance Cisco Collaboration solution for Enterprise customers. These services focus on the most critical activities in the planning and design of a solution implementation, including assessing the network, validating solution requirements, developing the low-level design, and creating plans for systems and performance acceptance testing.

Virtek technologies specializes in migrating your legacy and end of support environments to next generation architectures to enable digital transformation. Virtek technologies build services for collaboration migration are simplified to help business continuity. This set of services includes discovery sessions, planning services, and implementation and support services.


Collaboration Health Check Services

Virtek technologies health check offering is targeted to uncover this hidden potential and bring the system to a point where it can be fully utilized and function as an integrated environment the business and end users can leverage to accomplish the ultimate goal of these solutions. Which is to provide a platform to communicate and collaborate better, more efficiently with customers and internally within the organization.

The objective with this offering is to assess the status of a customer’s Collaboration implementation in major areas: Hardware, Software, System Sizing, Licensing, and current system configuration. In addition, to provide recommendations based on Virtek technologies’s experience and industry best practices, on how to deploy easy to use and manage Collaboration Solutions.

This health check allows the customer to identify areas that need improvement on their deployments, define priorities on what to remediate in order to bring the system functionality to optimal levels, which in turn enables the great end user experience being demanded by the line of business, in addition to remove unnecessary complexities from the system administration standpoint.

Finally, the assessment provides customers with enough information to understand the status of their environment and the steps required to remediate it, taking into consideration the customer’s business and technical goals.

Collaboration Application Development Services

Virtek technologies can help with customized application development services to fulfill customer use cases or solution requirements.  Virtek technologies will create the framework and methodology that will enhance the development cycles and ensure proper governance model. Following is the methodology we have adopted with our customers.

Smart Optimization Services

Virtek technologies Collaboration Optimization Services can help customers to transition to their production environment and be comfortable with the transformation processes. Virtek technologies team of collaboration expert can provide best practices and industry standards to assist in overcoming many common practical and technical challenges involved in developing organic growth and expansion plan. Our Smart Optimization Services are tailored to evaluate your current design criteria with a view toward future growth and expansion.

Assessment and Design Services

Implementation and Migration Services

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